Thursday, 20 September 2012

This September my family and I went to Wallaceburg, Ontario to see my grandparents. To me, that was only a third of the reason. The other two reasons are that, in my opinion, the best donuts in the world are there and the Walpole Island Skatepark is walking distance from Grandma's house. Whenever my bro and I weren't playing pool, watching TV or visiting with family, we were there. It was such a nice skatepark. It was simple and smooth and the obstacles were so easy to do tricks on...which made it a lot harder when it was time to go home, but I guess I have something to look forward to next year.

Durffy's Donuts...heavenly

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

When I first saw this I laughed so hard, but it’s so true! I liked it because people go around saying they love everything when they actually don’t. I’m not saying they don’t love anything, but you can’t love everything. Anyway, I’ll shut up and let this guy do the talking. 


Friday, 16 December 2011

Christmas Deals

    Ah, December 1, only 24 days till Christmas. The time of year when the selfish monsters in us break loose. Deals and deals galore of toys, video games, ipods etc. The object I have my mind set on is an Easton S13 (a hockey stick) with grip technology and is super light. For the last couple of days it’s the only thing I’ve been talking about. When I get a chance on the computer it’s the only thing I look up, trying to find better deals on the stick than the deal I saw the last time I looked.
    Well, people would spend hours on the computer looking for deals, but won’t take 15 minutes to find the best deal of all…in the Bible…how Jesus was born to someday die on a cross and save us from eternal death. All we have to do is accept the gift and cherish it. That, my friends, is the greatest Christmas deal ever.

I love Christmas carols, but my favourite is “The Little Drummer Boy”. One night, I was looking around for one that was my style and found this one by Jars of Clay:

Merry Christmas!!!

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Photo Shoot

Well, it was September 11th, Sunday morning and after a 9/11 service Chuck and I went to see if a ledge that we waxed was slippery. The ledge was, but what was so amazing is that it was on a wharf and the tide was out. There was a 6 or 7 foot drop to flat cement. We both said, “We are doing this today.” That afternoon, Chuck, Stratty and I went to the wharf, it was scary but fun. Chuck and I both broke our boards only Chuck broke his board, but did the drop again and  landed it with the broken board. I broke two boards at the wharf and never landed that drop. I now know why pros get sponsored.

The next Sunday, a friend came to our house for lunch and brought his camera to have a photo shoot and try to make a skate video. Well, it’s either that I’m fat, or the boards I buy are just junk. Yes, I broke another one, a week later and I’m boardless again. 
    After the video taping  we moved on to the photo shoot.  It started out just taking  pictures of us skate, but that got old and the pictures were terrible. That’s when the wild creative stuff happened!
I don’t know what we were doing here.

 The skaters:
 Got to cool down somehow.

 ...and we'll get together and do it all again. are some videos of  me saying goodbye to all of my hard earned money:


Friday, 14 October 2011


    This past summer, I had a great chance to share my faith. Some people from the Fellowship of Christian Farmers came to our church and invited us to the Sussex Flea Market. We handed out walking sticks with little gold, black, red, white, and green coloured beads on them. The different colors represented different things. At first, I was terrified, but after I got doing it, I was fine. 
    The gold represents heaven, the black represented sin which makes it so we cant get into heaven. The red represents Jesus’ blood that washed away all our sins, so we can get into heaven. The white represents us as we are pure after Jesus washes us clean with his blood, and the green represents us growing with God every day by reading the Bible, going to church and obeying Him. So, all we have to do to be saved  is put our faith in Jesus.
    It was so easy and believe it or not, I was sad when it was time to go. We liked it so much Hanson and I got a ride  with Chuck the next day and did it again.                


Friday, 9 September 2011

The Preview

    Welcome to the TRIPLE S , a blog that my friends and I made about how we live in a small town that nobody really knows about, how we skate, make music and walk with Christ. For two years we’ve been collecting footage (video of us skateboarding) and trying to make a full length skate video, but I never knew how hard it was until I tried…. no wonder real pro skate videos take a couple of years. Well, for right now here is a preview of some of the footage we have.